Turn it up

高舉你 主你在這裡You are here as we lift You up
在讚美中被高舉You are riding on our praise
你掌權 統管全世界Be enthroned over everything
高坐讚美寶座前You are seated in our praise
我能夠預見你This is prophetic
即將成就一切I can feel it in the air
你改變環境We lift our praise
當我們高聲讚美And You change the atmosphere
現在 我們敞開心門With hearts open now everybody
大聲地唱Singing out
我自由Oh I am free

高聲唱 讚美嘹亮Turn it up this sound of praise
超越各方 所有的聲響Make it louder than any other
高舉你 宣告你名Lift him up and shout his name
超乎萬民Over all

我讚美 就經歷改變As we praise I can feel the change
當你的同在降臨As your presence now invades
我聽見 你斷開鎖鏈Hear the sound of the broken chains
釋放我們得自由Prison doors are giving way

讚美升起Our praise goes up
恩雨降臨Your rain comes down
讚美歡呼 普天歡慶With shouts of praise we celebrate
榮耀君王已降臨King of glory enter in
在讚美中被高舉You are riding on our praise
喔 主Oh Lord